I’m Chase.

I’m a designer, a learner, and a dessert lover. I’m also the product of two talented creatives and I like to think that I have design in my blood. My mom knew I had the eye when I was three years old and was reading a children’s book with blue-on-orange printing and I told her “the colors are dancing!”
I didn’t really accept my fate as an artist until junior year of high school when I was taking Honors Chemistry and Pre-AP Calculus but all I really wanted to do was work on my designs for my glass art class. I’ve been learning and designing at Montserrat College of Art and will graduate in the spring of 2017.
I think that good design is simple but significant, I think that form should always follow function, and I like nothing better than a really tasty typeface. (Except for maybe one of my dad’s espresso chocolate chip cookies.) Graphic design is more than just moving shapes around on a computer screen, I'm just trying to see what else I can make of it.
I like making things. With my hands, but especially with my brain.

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