I’m Chase.

I’m a designer, a learner, and a dessert lover. I’m also the product of two talented creatives and I like to think that I have design in my blood. My mom knew I had the eye when I was three years old and was reading a children’s book with blue-on-orange printing and I told her “the colors are dancing!”
I didn’t really accept my fate as an artist until junior year of high school when I was taking Honors Chemistry and Pre-AP Calculus but all I really wanted to do was work on my designs for my glass art class. I spent four years learning and designing at Montserrat College of Art and graduated in 2017. I've been freelancing and working at a marketing agency since then and continue trying to learn something new every day.
I think that good design is simple but significant, I think that form should always follow function, and I like nothing better than a really tasty typeface. (Except for maybe one of my dad’s espresso chocolate chip cookies.) Graphic design is more than just moving shapes around on a computer screen, I'm just trying to see what else I can make of it.
I like making things. With my hands, but especially with my brain.

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